Mission Statement

The New Orleans Oyster Festival will educate the country about the benefits of the Louisiana Gulf Oyster, honor and celebrate the restauranteurs and oyster farmers who have solidified the New Orleans French Quarter’s position as the “Oyster Capital of America,” and help raise funds for “Coastal Restoration.”


The New Orleans Oyster Festival donates a portion of it’s proceeds to a beneficiary or group of beneficiaries whose purpose and mission align with that of the festival. The beneficiaries for the festival are:

ORA Estuaries:  Oyster Scaffold ™ and Coastal Restoration Technologies

ORA Estuaries mission is to develop and commercialize locally adaptable technology that enables humans to flourish in the coastal environment.  ORA Estuaries is developing a portfolio of technologies that rebuild natural infrastructure by interacting with biological resources and backed up by best in class engineering & testing.  


For More Information Visit www.ORAEstuaries.com

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation: Artificial Reef Program & Planting Oyster Shell on Public Reefs 

The Louisiana Artificial Reef Program was established in 1986 to take advantage of obsolete oil and gas platforms and other structures such as bridges to create habitats for the fisheries. The program also uses shell or limestone to create artificial reefs to increase habitats for fisheries.

For More Information Visit www.WLF.Louisiana.gov

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana: Oyster Shell Recycling Program

Launched in June 2014, CRCL’s Oyster Shell Recycling Program recycles shell from participating New Orleans-based restaurants and uses that shell to restore oyster reefs and shoreline habitat across Coastal Louisiana.

For More Information Visit www.crcla.org